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Our company's mission can be summed up as below:
  • To follow strictly the consumer safety policy, health policy, environmental policy, and quality policy;
  • To ensure steady supply of quality salts to our worldwide consumers;
  • To achieve total customer satisfaction through a customer-centric business approach;
  • To remain engaged in research and development work with a focus on constant improvement in quality standards;
  • To provide the best environment to our manpower in order to extract optimum work output from them;
  • To win the trust of consumers by maintaining optimum product standards.

Product Range

We are manufacturing various grades of salt, which are as given below:

  • 30 Mesh Salt
  • Coarse Grade Salt
  • Crushed Salt
  • Crystalline Grade Salt
  • Crystalline Salt
  • Dry Salt
  • Edible Salt
  • Free Flow Iodized Salt
  • Industrial Salt
  • Low Hardness Salt
  • Low PH Salt
  • Medium Industrial Salt
  • Oversize Salt
  • PDV Salt
  • Pure Grade Salt
  • Pure Salt
  • Refined Free Flowing Iodized Salt
  • Rock Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Super Fine & Micro Fine Salt
  • Superfine Salt
  • Triple Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt

Quality System

We follow quality control as per the ISO norms. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company meeting all the stringent quality control norms. The quality is maintained through a well defined work process under the supervision of experts. The experts minutely observe the entire process from pre - production phase till the final product output. The salt offered by us is manufactured and packed in the most hygienic condition. Our iodized salt contains good percentage of Nacl (Sodium chloride) that help fight diseases, which occur in human beings due to deficienvy of iodine such as goiter.


Our company owns a well-spread infrastructure with various facilities including open and capacious godowns for storage of raw materials and warehouse for storing finished products. Main factory houses various machinery and equipment for processing of raw salts into edible salt. The premises have all the machinery such as dumpers, loaders, tractor and trolleys, weighbridge, and other material handling equipment for carrying out the production process. Moreover, the company has other in-house arrangements such as power, water, sanitation, drainage, canteen, and accommodation facility for workers who work in shifts.


We are proud to own state-of-the-art technology for the production of a wide range of salt. We have technology for production of various types of salt such as Pure Grade Salt, Pure Salt, Refined Free Flowing Iodized Salt, Rock Salt, etc. The factory is installed with latest technology machinery for the production and processing of salts. The range of machinery is made of stainless steel that ensure pure quality salts. Though we always employ latest technology, however, it is constantly upgraded with the advent of new technologies. That ultimately helps us keep a tab on the productivity levels and thereby meet clients' demands on time.

Production Process

Complete process knowledge is indispensable for obtaining good output. Partial knowledge of this important aspect may lead to poor quality of products as well as low productivity. Oswal Salt Syndicate has experts having concrete knowledge of the work flow that enable the production of optimum quality salts.

The production of salts starts with preparing of brine from raw salt. After multiple washing the slurry undergoes centrifugation process. The salt cakes, then, obtained at the outlet of centrifuge are free from impurities such as iron and other insoluble material. Multiple washing controls both the impurities (soluble and insoluble) like calcium, magnesium and sand, etc. The obtained salt cakes are dried in the fluid bed dryer. The next in line is sieving for proper granule size. Once this is done, the product is blended with free flowing agent thereafter the final product is obtained. The final product may contain salt content as high as 99.50% in the form of NaCI.


We have a large team of professionals, skilled and semi-skilled workers, management personnel, engineers, quality experts that totals up to 300. The team handles the entire activities very efficiently to manufacture the range of salts. It is very well guided by company's top brass to bring out the maximum work output by each individual. The members work in an integrated environment whereby everyone contributes to their optimum potential. Their combined effort results in growing reputation and market credibility of our company and hence, total customer satisfaction.

Marketing & Distribution

Oswal Salt Syndicate has a well-integrated marketing and distribution network that allows it to supply its products to various parts of the world. Our range of salts is marketed under the brand name Oswal's. The product is supplied through a wide distribution network wherein our channel partners make sure that our range is delivered always on time. Our marketing & distribution staff has rich experience that has enabled us to set strong foothold in the marketplace.